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  Pro censorship in libraries

Daisy Schwarz, Contemporary Issues, September 11, 2004     Pro Censorship in Libraries   There are many arguments that plead for censorship in libraries. First of all you have to consider, that people of all ages come to the library to borrow up books, and so you should think about what books you put in a library. Especially children can be influenced by the media easily. Different people would like different books to be censored, that's because they have different views about what is right or wrong.   It could be right to censor books about violence. Those could misguide people.

A boy might have read a book about violence and maybe was impressed and so he might want to copy this behavior. He could resort to violence and beat up his fellow students.   Perhaps books with introductions about how to build bombs or books that describe terrorism should be censored, too. For example if someone wants to destroy anything and wants information about how to build bombs and other weapons, he should not be able to just walk into a library and borrow up a book that tells him exactly how to do that.   Many people would like books about hatred such as racism, anti-Semitism and books against homosexuality to be censored. That could be right, because if there are books like that, again children could be influenced by them and start to be racist or anti-Semitic.

  In my opinion there are some books that should be censored in libraries, just to save people from themselves.

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