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Analysis of the Community in “The Giver“, combined with a characterization of Jonas and, referring to both parts, the reasons why he was selected to be the Receiver of Memory.   According to Part I, chapters 1-8   I. Analysis of the Community   What the reader learns about the Community in the first chapter is that it is a world seeming perfectly in order
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the glass menagerie

The Glass Menagerie  Outline:   Title: The Glass Menagerie Author: Tennesse Williams Other information: edition for the Vienna English Theatre Type of book: It´s a realistic drama. Subject: The play is about a family consisting of mother, son and daughter, who are - each in a special way - not able to cope with reality.
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Type of book:

The glass menagerie   Type of book: The story can be defined to “fiction“. It is a memory play with biographic elements. Tom has two characters united. He’s the narrator and an actor. Subject: The play deals with the difficult relationship in a family. Setting: The story happens in the South of the United States, in St Louis in the 30ies. Amanda: Like everyo
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Book report:

BOOK REPORT:  Title and author:   “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy: fiction with biographic elements Arundhati Roy was trained as an architect. She has worked as a production designer and written the screenplays for two films. She lives in New Delhi. This is her first book. Settings:   The book was first published in Britain in 1997. The story happen
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The golden twenties - boom - crash

   The Golden Twenties Boom & Crash     " What we play is life." Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong       Introduction to the Golden Twenties A new era   Economy & Industry “Normalcy, prosperity, stability” New forms of technology, communication and entertainment   The Jazz
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"the good earth" pearl s. buck

"The Good Earth" Pearl S. Buck    1., story Pearl S. Buck "Good Earth"     2., author Pearl Buck was born in the United States, but was taken to China at an early age by her parents, whose life-work was to preach the Christian religion there. At first they lived in Chinkiang, on the river Yangtse Kiang. By the time s
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The pearl by john steinbeck marcus meisel,7c

Marcus Meisel, 7C T H E G O O D E A R T H by Pearl S.Buck     Author: "The Good Earth" was written by Pearl S. Buck, who was born in the United States of America, but since her early age she lived in China the most time of her life and also felt to be one of the Chinese.
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The grand canyon

The Grand Canyon  Today I want to give you a little impression of the Grand Canyon, I’m sure all of you know it.   1.) Establishment   “Grand Canyon National Game Preserve”, established in 1906, became “Grand Canyon National Park” by an Act of Congress in 1919. The Grand Canyon National Park covers 4931 square kilometers in northwestern Arizo
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The grass is singing

The Grass Is Singing  Author: Doris Lessing   Setting: South Africa, Rhodesia   Time: about 40 years ago   Plot: At the beginning of this story we get to know about Mary Turner’s murder in Rhodesia. She had always had severe problems with her parents but as soon as her sister and brother died, the relationship got better. Mary moved to a girls-house, wher

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The Great Gatsby   A novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald     Table of contents  Introduction p. 2 The author p. 2 Background of the 1920s p. 3 List of characters p. 3 The story p. 4 Interpretation p. 5     Intr
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