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  Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln * 12th February 1809     + 15th April 1865     He was the 16th President of the United States. 1861 - 1865     Quotation:   "And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."     Abraham's Childhood -         Abraham's father Thomas Lincoln was a farmer and his mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln had little or no schooling and couldn't write. -         Abraham's family moved to Indiana. -         Nancy died when he was nine years old.

-         Thomas Lincoln married again. -         Abraham began borrowing books from neighbours. -         The Lincolns moved from Indiana to Illinois. -         Abraham decided to leave his family. He moved to New Salem, Illinois.         Abraham's Career -         Abraham worked as a shop assistant.

-         Lincoln was defeated while running for the Illinois State Legislature but two years later he was elected. -         Lincoln was re-elected to the Illinois House of Representatives and had the license to practice law. -         Abraham met Mary Ann Todd at a ball. -         One year later he became engaged with her. -         1842 they got married. -         First son: Robert Todd -         Second son: Edward Baker 1846 - 1850 -         Third son: William Wallace 1850 - 1862 -         Fourth son: Thomas (Tad) 1853 - 1871 -         Lincoln was elected to United States House of Representatives.

-         Abraham was elected to the Illinois legislature, but he declined the office to become a candidate for the U.S. senate. -         He helped the new Republican Party in Illinois. -         He was nominated for the U.S.

senate again but he failed.     President of the United States -         1860 Abraham was nominated for President and won the election. -         But this election was the reason for the civil war. -         The Southern States didn't want a Republican in the White House. -         Abraham was against slavery. -         1861 the states South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia & Texas explained their independence.

-         After the attack of Fort Sumter the war began. -         11 states were fighting against Abraham Lincoln -         Abraham wasn't sure that he would become the new president again. But he was elected again. -         1864 America was united again. -         On April 14th 1865 he was shot by an actor called Wilkes Booth. -         But Abraham Lincoln could realize everything he was fought for.


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